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Trump Moves Away From Bannon And Populist Base

Some of you have correctly commented that for several months I have stated/written that Paul Manafort was not the right person to guide Trump through the vagaries of a new Republican Political Revolution. Manafort was and still is part of the old Rhino establishment which fed at the trough of cronyism and payola lending itself…


Southern Utah town has starring role in dark-sky movement

Torrey • Utah is emerging as a global leader in protecting dark skies from light pollution, attracting visits to the Colorado Plateau that during the next decade are expected to pump $2.5 billion into rural economies. Residents in several southern Utah communities have mounted a grass-roots push to retrofit old lighting outside homes, business and…

Food & Dining

Sarah Michelle Gellar still has awesome skills with a skewer

As a vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar learned the value of an old-fashioned wooden stake. As a mom of two children, she’s still pretty handy with a good stick — only this time it’s in the kitchen. Gellar skewers all kinds of things in her new cookbook, “Stirring Up Fun with Food,” making appetizing-looking chicken…

Say cheers to these three new Salt Lake City bars

Raise a glass — or bottle — to three newcomers to the Salt Lake City bar scene. One offers craft cocktails and a wine tower in an industrial setting. Another has Asian inspirations with a devilish name. And the last features a casual beer-bar setting from a name we already know. Here’s a snapshot of…